The Three T’s of any Survival Situation

with Bryan Brawdy

The 3 T's of Survival Explained

What is the most important piece of survival gear you already own?

Survival in any situation comes down to the 3T’s

Temperament, Tactics and Tools.

Whether you are “lost in the middle of nowhere”, “neck deep in ‘It will never happen to me’” or when  “the outside comes inside”… these 3T’s can make all the difference in your/your family’s survival.  

When you can’t call on anyone else, can you call on yourself? 

Why practicing the tips below in advance can save you from impromptu situations.


BEST Acronym. Use your neuro chemicals before they have a chance to use you!

Keep your mind or lose your head.

  1. Breathe in through your nose, full, deep breath, activate diaphragm. (Tells brain all is well, DON’T PANIC, you can do this)
  2. Exhale aggressively through your mouth collapsing diaphragm. (Keeps the brain's amygdala from activating fight, flight or freeze neurochemicals.)
  3. Scan your immediate surroundings. Know what you are up against. (Eye movement prevents tunnel vision and being “petrified” with fear.)
  4. Take appropriate action. Use chemicals to your advantage.


  1. Know the basic compass points and your initial direction. Look back every couple of minutes. Most people get lost because they only look forward. Tunnel vision
  2. If your mind is not overrun with fear, your hearing works exponentially better. Listen for traffic noises, water noises, airplane sounds. Hones your other senses
  3. Let others know where you are going and when you plan on returning. 
  4. ALWAYS take a crash kit or a bug out bag in your vehicle or while hiking/traveling with ample water for hydration. Just like watching your car’s fuel level, you need to always stay hydrated.


  1. Go bag or QuakeKit w/ first aid, headlamp, water and personal medication.
  2. Summer: wide brim hat. Winter: skull cap. Most of the body's temp is regulated through the top of the head and face. ALWAYS protect.
  3. Backup battery for your cell phone. IF you have a signal, you don’t want to run out of power.

Bonus Tip

What or who do you want to survive for? Why is “getting out alive” important to you? 

Paraphrasing Nietzsche…When you know the why, you can withstand ANY how!

Humans are already survivalists. Believe in yourself and you can mitigate any mayhem and dramatically increase your chances of coming out on top.

Oh yea, the most important piece of survival gear you own?


This is something you should look into.

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