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Tim Ferris

"This backpack contains emergency blankets, water purification tablets, roughly 5,000 calories’ worth of food bars, waterproof matches and a lighter, a first-aid kit, a waste disposal bag, and so on. I keep it at home in a closet and toss it in the car before remote road trips. The components don’t last forever, so replace every five years."

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Survive & Thrive In Any Emergency

Quake Kits put together vital supplies to keep you and your family secure and comfortable when disaster strikes. Curated by survival specialists, our kits contain provisions and gadgets to get you safely through tough times.

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Emergency Preparedness By Survival Experts

With more than 16 years in the preparedness industry, we know exactly how to keep you and your family safe in emergencies. We have shipped millions of survival kits to over 500,000 people. Want to be ready for anything? Order yours today!

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Professionally curated emergency kits preparedness packages to keep you safe when disaster strikes.
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Hit the road with all the tools and supplies you need to get through an emergency situation, whenever or wherever it arises.
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Stock up on critical emergency provisions and gadgets so you’re always ready to protect your family from harm.
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Be Completely Prepared At All Times

The Completely Prepared Survival Kit contains all you need to survive and thrive during a crisis. Designed to support up to 2 people over 72 hours, it covers all survival essentials: food & water, tools & first aid, lighting & communication, shelter & warmth, and hygiene products. The kit comes in robust packaging and is neatly organized in separate bags for each category. Store it in an easy-access location at home, work, or school as your go-to emergency backup plan.

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16 Years Prepping

We’ve spent the last 16 years perfecting our “Quake” Kits. We chose the name because of the sudden and unexpected nature of disasters. And that’s what our kits are for - helping you be ready for the most abrupt emergencies.

1.5M+ Kits Sold

We’ve sold a LOT of preparedness kits - 1.5 million + to over 500,000 customers. We have spent countless hours thinking about exactly what items should go in our kits and even longer perfecting the products themselves. That’s why so many people choose to put their trust in us.

100,000 Kits and Products Donated

We have donated over 100,000 kits and products during disasters and the pandemic. Quake Kits is proud to support Direct Relief, The ARC, St Lukes, St Alphonsus, The Boise Rescue Mission, and more amazing organizations like them.

Quake Kits: Stress-tested in real-life scenarios

It boils down to this. When disaster strikes, and there’s no power or water supply, your preparedness kit should give you EVERYTHING you need to survive the next few days. With this in mind, survival specialists choose each item in our Quake Kits. There’s no dead weight. Just expertly assessed products to maximize your ability to contend with the unknown.

To make absolutely sure, we stress-test our kits to check they truly deliver security and safety. When you buy a 72-hour survival kit, you can rest assured that we KNOW it will get you through that timeframe. Why? Because we’ve tried it ourselves! We actually send volunteers into the wild with nothing but our kits to survive on. And they all come back safe and sound.

Your family deserves peace of mind

Emergency situations are scary, and there’s no getting around that. But with a Quake Kit, you can at least reduce the stress and uncertainty. How? By making sure you have everything you need to be comfortable and safe. 

Our mission is to give everyone the means to care for themselves and their loved ones if disaster strikes. Our kits not only provide full survival coverage but are also simple to use and cost-effective. We are not just a brand; we are security for you and your family when you need it most.

Emergency Supplies

Everything you need to live safely and comfortably through tough times

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Stock up on critical emergency provisions for your family’s safety and security. Mix and match products to supplement your Quake Kits for extra preparedness.

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