Your family deserves peace of mind

For this reason, we created Quake Kits

We believe that everyone deserves peace of mind. To that end, we have launched Quake Kits to empower consumers to find comfort and safety without hassle. Our kits are designed not only to provide full survival coverage through any emergency situation, but to do so in a manner that is simple and cost-effective. Our mission is to provide anyone, anywhere with the ability to take superior care of themselves and their loved ones in the event of an emergency. We are not simply a brand; we are security when you need it most.

Most emergency kits contain the essentials

Quake Kits are tested in real life scenarios

When it comes down to it, the only thing that matters about a survival kit is whether or not it provides you with the essentials to evacuate quickly and survive when food and water supplies have been cut off. As a result, each product inside the Quake Kit has been hand selected by experts and analyzed with rigor to maximize your ability to contend with the unknown. With our grueling 72-hour survival tests, we can ensure that each of our kits is packaged with everything you need to thrive across a variety of emergency scenarios. When we say grueling tests, we actually have individuals survive in the wild using nothing but our kits for 3-days.

Quake Kits is the evolution of our manufacturing and wholesale business model to now include our own brand of direct to consumer offerings. While we will continue to support and protect our wholesale partners, we will welcome the opportunity to serve our retail customers directly. We will share the advantages of our exceptional industry knowledge, efficient fulfillment capabilities, experienced supply chain relationships, and significant buying power with all levels of our customers going forward.

The Quake Kits Advantage

  • Free Shipping, Both Ways

    Because peace of mind should be risk-free. We cover the cost of all orders over $50. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will pay to ship it back.

  • American Assembly

    Because peace of mind should be certain. All of our kits are packaged in the United States and assembled by highly trained staff to reduce the risk of errors and imperfections.

  • Fast, Friendly Customer Service

    Because peace of mind should be seamless. Our staff is on call to assist you on the path to preparedness.